"Exploring Native Trails For Wild Edible And Medicinal Plants"

          A Remarkable Video Production 6 Years In The Making

The Guide is Chief Soaring Bird of the Southern Band of Cherokee in South Carolina.
This program is a must for the beginner as well as the serious students of woodland plants.
This journey describes many medicinal plant Teas found in the forests, also
with clear explanations. Chief Soaring Bird always has a powerful tour.. rediscovering the secret gardens. Plants will be used for food, medicinal, weaving and dyes." FROM NATURE THE CHIEF'S KITCHEN. Gather and prepare a meadow salad. Make a Jewel Weed poultice..Gather, and fry Polk Sallet. Also "How To" Create: A Free Spring Body Cleanser. Many have commented how well Chief Soaring Bird explains and shows you the plants in the forests and that they have special properties to them as found by Indians who had lived in this area for generations. People find this DVD very fascinating to watch and is both educational with in-depth instructions.

This is an
exclusive offer, and can only be ordered from American Indian Medicine.

           A window into Indian culture in the Southern Part of the Appalachian Trail !

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              "Exploring Native Trails"

                "For Wild & Edible Medicinal Plants"
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